Youth Movement

The Shri Luxmi Narayan Youth Movement is by the Vice Presidents – Language Education and Social Projects.
The aims and objectives of the Youth Movement are:

  • To promote and propagate the study of Hindi, Sanskrit and Hindu Culture
  • To promote education through the medium of the official language or languages of the Republic of South Africa (whenever)
  • To hold and conduct Religious services, discourses, lectures and symposiums, calculated to promote Sanathan Dharma

The above are the objectives of the Shri Luxmi Narayan Temple are as contained in the constitution of the Temple, and they form the starting point of the establishment of the Shri Luxmi Narayan Temple Youth Movement.

Since the future of our Temple lies in the youth of today, they need to be encouraged to join the Temple so as to ensure that our children do not turn to other religions and thus loose their heritage.

Another aim of the Youth Movement is to create a greater social awareness and become more fully involved in community activities such as prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, care of the destitute and sporting events, to name but a few. The Temple has therefore adopted three steps to this process. That is, Involving, Educating and Promoting.


An important step is getting the youth and other members involved in activities, functions and festivals that are held at the temple and in the community.


The Youth are encouraged to use the premises for activities such as Indian dance classes, art classes, yoga, gymnastics etc. The library is being upgraded with books / movies / cd’s on religious, cultural and selected secular areas to be utilized by the youth, members and community. The Youth are encouraged to hold Sanathan Dharma religious camps during the school holidays, do float processions promoting Hinduism, help in our package deal weddings and get involved in social projects in the community.


The Temple and its Youth Movement are enabled to arrange market days where stalls are set up to sell goods by the youth and thus enable them to learn about business.  A function like this is expected to bring families closer; strengthen bonds between children and parents, as the youth would look to their parents for help and guidance.


  • The youth are involved in our festivals by helping decorate the temple and present items.
  • The Youth, in conjunction with the Languages Education and Festivals Standing Committee arrange an Annual Diwali Festival consisting of spiritual and cultural items.
  • The Youth also assist the Social Projects Standing Committee to collect groceries from family and friends and make up hampers for the poor and needy on the occasion of Diwali. 


Members of the Youth Movement are encouraged to attend Sathsangh and Hindi classes.