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The Editorial Standing Committee has produced several beneficial books and tracts since 1990. These have been produced under the expert guidance and direction of the late Pundit Ramnath Ramlakan Maharajh, Pundit Hariduth Ramlakan Maharajh and Pundit Rabinarain Ramlakan Maharajh. The publications are:  

Pooja Book:  - This book enables you to perform your Pooja and hawan in the comfort of your home at your own convenience. It is ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. The book comes with a CD to assist you with pronunciation of mantras. 

Sathsangh Book:       This book includes Veda Mantras, invocations to deities, Chalisas and Aartis.    This book is ideal for organizations that conduct weekly Sathsangh. This too is accompanied by a CD to assist you with pronunciation of mantras. 

Wedding Book:        This book explains the procedure and mantras of the Vivaha Sanskar. 

Antyesti Sanskar:     This book is highly beneficial for those who would like to assist bereaved families in the conducting of funerals.  

Shasti Pooja:           A book that explains the significance of the 6th day prayer after the birth of a child. It provides the procedure for Pooja, mantras as well as the explanation of the mantras. 

Garuda Purana:       This is a summary prepared to serve as notes to be used as a guide when explanations are rendered at satsanga and can be elaborated upon by those who have read the Garuda Purana - Preta Kanda and who refer to the text whenever necessary.  Some of the more important Sanskrit verses have been reproduced for ease of reference. This summary is also meant to serve as a guide to families that need to know what ceremonies/rites have to be performed at the time of death, at the funeral and after the funeral, how these should be performed and by whom. It also points out in what kind of activities we should engage during our lives to prepare for a better “future” after the life departs from this body.