Religious Calendar

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Akhanda Bhajan:       This is an annual 12 hour bhajans and kirtans festival which is held on the first Sunday in February each year

Satyanarain Katha:    Annually on the first Sunday of the Ram Naumee week, this is held for the benefit of the community.

Akhanda Ramayana: This is an annual 12-hour recitation of the Ramcharitmanas, which is held on the second Sunday in July.

Durga Saptasati:       This Pooja is performed on the first Sunday of Navaratri. All devotees recite the 700 verses on the Glory of Mother in unison.

Akhanda Gita:           The entire 700 verses of the Bhagwad Gita are recited on the occasion of Gita Jayanti. This is held annually on the Gita Jayanti day.

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Event Galleries

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Education & Awareness

  • Hindi classes
  • Partnership with HSSSA
  • Purohit classes

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Social Projects

  • Feeding Scheme
  • Youth Movement
  • Social Projects Standing Committee

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Youth Movement

  • Promoting and propagating the study of Hindi, Sanskrit and Hindu Culture
  • Promoting education
  • Religious services, discourses, lectures and symposiums

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